Design Does*

Domestic Data Streamers


Design Does* is a co-production between Elisava and the Barcelona Design Museum in collaboration with Domestic Data Streamers. The project collectively explores how design tackles the challenges faced by society, at times offering improvements and, at others, doing just the opposite.

Concept and Execution

The challenge of this campaign was to make people understand what Design  is  Does*. To do so we took everyday objects, like a pen, and showed them that apart from the original functionality it was conceived for, its design is used in many other ways and for many different purposes. For better & for worse.


A modular website was needed as new sections were going to be added during the 2 month period the exhibition lasts. Together with &Lloss we designed it using the home page as the navigation menu and simple 'scroll to close' interactions.


The asterisk becomes the interaction point with the user throughout the whole exhibition. Answering questions on every installation they interact with, a global view on what Design Does and what it should be doing is formed.


The project caused quite a lot of controversy on social networks, as many people were against the decision of Ciudadanos (Politics) who tried censoring the campaign. But we're happy that for better or for worse Design Does* has been well heard of.

Elisava & Barcelona Design Museum

Domestic Data Streamers
Curation, Concept & Exhibition

Communication Campaign, Art Direction & Website

achos!, Claudia Serra & Mar de la Llave
Graphic Design

Web Development

Carina Mejías C's

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