FIU Barcelona



FIU Barcelona was launched to propel our country’s creative youth forward. The conference is a meeting point and sounding board for students and new generations of creatives. Our communication campaign captures the energy and spirit of FIU.

Concept and Execution

A new generation replacing the old is inevitable and natural, but slow. Like other young creatives, we want the top work out there. We decided to go out and take it. Creathieves: we’re young, we’re talented, and we’re after the best creative work in the world. We created a website and promo materials to generate interest and make noise.

FIU Barcelona

Concept, Campaign, Design, Web Design

The Black Box
Web Development

Xevi Abril

Aleix Artigal & Oriol Colomar
Video Direction

Humbert Clotet, Georgina Capdevila, Alain Jaimez

Sagmeister & Walsh Get Robbed

Personal Project