Morning Raves


There are certain days you wake up a little earlier, with desire to meet the day head on. Days you wake up with desire to enjoy yourself, desire to eat a good breakfast and take on the world, to listen to good music, to smile. There are certain days you wake up with the desire to greet the dawn, the desire to Madrugón.

Concept and Execution

A space to meet new people and strengthen connections, exchange ideas, do business, or just to have a conversation among friends. You are what you eat. Enjoy a delicious breakfast with natural fresh fruit juices, organic foods, teas, coffees, and much more. Move your body to the rhythm of the house, with the best DJs from Spain and worldwide alongside live music.

Raquel Ramos & achos!

Concept, Campaign, Design, Web Design

DJ Rumbler & Alex Motel

Joan Largo
Web Music

Virgus, Carla Cascales, Òscar Medina, Codea, Zoologic, FIU, Impact HUB, Petra, Cafè Fred, Artisa, Smybox, Idep Barcelona, Romantics, Illy, Font Vella


On Good Friday