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Small Films is a video production company for branded content, social media, adverts, corporate, viral and school videos.


Small Films. Big Impact. You only need a small film in order to create a big impact online nowadays. We played with the brands name allowing us to create a solid message for their main communication, claiming that they have the power to turn small things into big projects.


We created a logo that parts from the “full screen” icon present in online video players which allows the user to stretch the video to its fullest size. By turning the icon’s brackets around, we find a happy coincidence, a S and an F that stand for the initials of the brands name. The logo allows us to animate the identity allowing the brand to adapt to any possible format.

Business Cards

We created some funky business cards that play with the same concept. Small flip books turn into business cards when a frame is removed from the stack.

Small Films

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