Ús Barcelona

Resurrection Ritual


The third edition of Ús Barcelona follows the idea of recovering unused spaces in the city through art and social participation and brings us to the neighbourhood of Poblenou.

Can Ricart

This year the chosen space to resurrect is the symbol of industrialism of the 19th Century in Barcelona, the national monument and abandoned factory of Can Ricart. With its “death” in 2006 a wave of protests and a sense of grief arose in the neighbourhood and nobody has set foot in the building since.

Concept & Execution

Ús Barcelona called the tribe, formed by neighbours, musicians, wise shamans, artists and hunters/gatherers, to perform the resurrection ceremony for this monument. Long live the resurrection!

Resumen del Festival

Artists like Paola Delfin, Saturno, Ulises Mendicutty, Jofre Oliveras, Igor Nunes, Yoshi Sislay, Mr Sis, Claudio Drë, Daniela Carvalho or Irene López filled the art with graphic interventions and murals in the Can Ricart grounds. Music was served by Pulmon, Wolf Saxon, Sonoro Dub & Ras Zohen, GAZ and Dj’s like eFONIK & DAVEETEE. Kids also enjoyed the festival at “Ús Kids” by La Castillo.



Calle 32

Black Jedi & Mati
Programmer & 3D Artwork


Marc, Pau, Paz, Miriam, Sergi, Rosa


Full Stack Fest